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44 minutes ago

Nick W. requested I post this here, so here's the abridged version. The full thing is up on my blog if you haven't yet caught it. PART 1: Dandy's Eightfold Path OSR games are... Original -The
7 days ago

It's gone very very quiet here. Or has everyone blocked me? O.O
Nov 12

We're 8 months into the diaspora. I'm still miserably missing the G+ scene, and it seems as though a lot of other folks feel the same way. I think we can do better than we have been. G+ was an anoma
Sep 3

We started a new adventure last night in my 5e group, set 30 years after the adventure we finished last week (against the cult of the reptile god). 30 year after the events of our last adventure, the
Aug 12

Anyone got any recommendations for books on writing? I remember liking Making Your Own Days by Kenneth Koch and Wizardry & Wild Romance by Michael Moorcock. The Wonder book by Jeff Vandermeer is a bi
Aug 12

Hello friends. So I wrote a draft of a game, and like, it's different than my normal stuff. Which is to say, it is something that human people might actually play instead of just reading and stroking
Aug 1

I blog game trash at https://antlerrr.blogspot.com and tweet nonsense at @LukeGearing but mostly I think about games a lot. Currently I'm chewing over a game set in the aftermath of the late bronze-
6 days ago

Incest is the death of art. If our only artistic input is RPGs, then all we can do is remix ideas that have already been made gameable by someone else. The way to develop our medium is to learn from t
Nov 13

Some of the quipping about decentralizing D&D in the riffing on old games reminded me of Armored Troopers VOTOMS and the rpg that R. Talsorian Games published based on it. So you can tanking Jared and
Oct 21

Transcribed the draft rules for the hyperspace nav/travel rules for High Fructose Hyper Space. Ignoring formatting atm clarity is what I'm focused on, especially since a lot of folks aren't familiar
Aug 16

I'm an ENnie Award Winning Illustrator (Dan makes me say this, I don't even want to) who has provided illustrations and maps for various RPG weirdo products like Troika, Fever Swamp, Crypts of Indorma
Aug 12

I think I suck at asking for input on things. Or something. So I'm disheartened after input on the map for High Fructose Hyperspace that pushes against what I want to do.
Aug 5

So this is the kind of bullshit that's in my Troika! background zine. Just felt like sharing this spread.
Jul 31

It's a thing. However we want to frame it your book only finds its audience if you put it physically in their hands. I'm in the home stretch of a couple of sleeping pills so you'll have to interpret
7 days ago

Nov 13

Rarely-seen worker of the inscrutable incunabuli.com. I am pleased to join the good minds of this newfound microcosm. Eagerly do I await the good stuff I know you produce. Cheers.
Sep 6

I read this article at a formative time. It helped me a lot and I still more or less stick to it. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/new-rules-for-writers_b_808558 For whatever reason I hate hate HATE wri
Aug 15

This is my latest attempt at marketing in a non sleazy way and chasing G+ nostalgia I'm asking people to make hacks of my rules light rpg Tunnel Goons. The entry with the most votes at the end gets a
Aug 12

I am pathologically incapable of being told I can't do something. I would have got bored of the OSR label long ago if people just stopped being dumb in public about it. I don't even want it anymore, I
Aug 2

I made weird cavern generator. Check it out here.