Look at this! LOOK AT IT!

Aug 15

This is my latest attempt at marketing in a non sleazy way and chasing G+ nostalgia I'm asking people to make hacks of my rules light rpg Tunnel Goons. The entry with the most votes at the end gets a
Jul 20

Every time I make any money all I do is spend it all on getting people to make pretty things. I mean, look at this fucking ship/tank/barge. It's such a nice floaty tank. Why would I want to use money
Aug 5

So this is the kind of bullshit that's in my Troika! background zine. Just felt like sharing this spread.
Jul 22

hello! i'm named after a cursed sword. i'm working on a device called 'reliquery' to help run tabletop games, as well as doing some other writing/art for games. i also make loud, harsh music and do c