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7 days ago

Incest is the death of art. If our only artistic input is RPGs, then all we can do is remix ideas that have already been made gameable by someone else. The way to develop our medium is to learn from t
Sep 6

I read this article at a formative time. It helped me a lot and I still more or less stick to it. For whatever reason I hate hate HATE wri
Jul 18

I'm working on a game where you are delving for magic mushrooms. When you eat a mushroom, you get a spell and forget any previous spell. You also become addicted to the mushrooms and start dying if yo
Nov 13

Some of the quipping about decentralizing D&D in the riffing on old games reminded me of Armored Troopers VOTOMS and the rpg that R. Talsorian Games published based on it. So you can tanking Jared and
Aug 12

Hello friends. So I wrote a draft of a game, and like, it's different than my normal stuff. Which is to say, it is something that human people might actually play instead of just reading and stroking
Oct 21

Transcribed the draft rules for the hyperspace nav/travel rules for High Fructose Hyper Space. Ignoring formatting atm clarity is what I'm focused on, especially since a lot of folks aren't familiar
Jul 19

In this thread we will Gygaxian Democracy an entirely new game into existence. In each post you may add a single element to the game: a single mechanic, a single setting detail, etc. You may not post