Sep 6

New Rules for Writers


I read this article at a formative time. It helped me a lot and I still more or less stick to it.


For whatever reason I hate hate HATE writing advice that makes you feel special or connected. Or is formulaic, step by step, "this is how you do writing". It's horrible.


There's probably a lot to hate in that article, and that's exactly why I like it. If I read something and there's no friction there's no movement.

New Posts
  • Incest is the death of art. If our only artistic input is RPGs, then all we can do is remix ideas that have already been made gameable by someone else. The way to develop our medium is to learn from the outside, and bring it to the inside. This thread is for stretching ourselves to try and do that. I want to see what ya'll can come up with.
  • Some of the quipping about decentralizing D&D in the riffing on old games reminded me of Armored Troopers VOTOMS and the rpg that R. Talsorian Games published based on it. So you can tanking Jared and DanS for this partially. It's mostly done. Just need to figure out how I want to handle the programming of VOTOMS that is thing in the anime. Traumatized Mechanized Infantry Soldier You were betrayed by your unit deep in the humpbacked sky on a raiding mission. Left to suffer a slow death in the void through a combination of luck and a seemingly bottomless well of resolve found yourself on the outskirts of <insert your choice of multiplanar megalopolis with a junkyard>. Possessions Goggles Breathing Mask Light environmental suit Partially refurbished solo standing tank Advanced Skills 3 Standing Tank Fighting 2 Fist Fighting 2 Micro-grav Fighting 2 Standing Tank Programming 2 Engineering 2 Pistolet Fighting Special Whenever you are reduced to zero or less Stamina, test Luck to survive, adding an advancement check every advanced skill you possess and add point to your maximum Stamina and Skill. (Note: this can clearly be abused so like don't or you might just die anyways). You may test Standing Tank Programming <something involving initiative or as dodging skill?> as well as to have your Standing Tank act on its own for a number of rounds equal your to Standing Tank Programming skill.
  • Transcribed the draft rules for the hyperspace nav/travel rules for High Fructose Hyper Space. Ignoring formatting atm clarity is what I'm focused on, especially since a lot of folks aren't familiar with candy land.