Aug 8



I am pathologically incapable of being told I can't do something. I would have got bored of the OSR label long ago if people just stopped being dumb in public about it. I don't even want it anymore, I couldn't care less. I just wish they'd let me go.


But no. Gotta keep being annoyed, gotta keep finding people I absolutely can't ever coexist with. Joy unbound.


Fun story: troika stopped being a hack and became a book because someone said it would be wrong of me to do it. I am committed to this shtick


Aug 9

Por que in specific?

Twitter is a source of constant riling. I was thinking about it more, and I like the OSR label because both the "OSR is OD&D!" people and the "OSR are CIS white men!" people piss me off. Neither of them were involved with the people and the scene that made "OSR" known to anyone outside of that geriatric Dragonsfoot forum. What do they know about anything? Other than "lots" apparently.


Basically I'm just being a grumpy bitch.

Aug 9

now I think you need a t-shirt that says Basically <illustration> Grumpy Bitch done in the style of the Mentzer Redbox.

I feel this. I had actually stopped using the term OSR at all from about November through April of this past year. I was tired of it, disconnected from a lot of the people who tied me to it, and generally didn't think it described what I was doing that well anymore.

Then I started looking at RPG twitter more often, and I've just quietly slipped back into " being OSR" because fuck those people.

It might suck but we're the ones who get to be mean to it, not some grandstanding flavour of the month indie!

@Daniel Sell Well when you put it like that it sounds like we have an unhealthy relationship with the OSR. >.>

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