Aug 12

Writing on writing


Anyone got any recommendations for books on writing?


I remember liking Making Your Own Days by Kenneth Koch and Wizardry & Wild Romance by Michael Moorcock. The Wonder book by Jeff Vandermeer is a bit basic but I'd recommend it to someone starting from nothing.


Any others?



The Frank Book by Jim Woodring might count

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Nota bene: it's all poetry in here.


In order of estimation of what I expect you'll find useful:

>The Triggering Town, Richard Hugo.

>The House That Jack Built: The Collected Lectures of Jack Spicer.

>Any prose-about-poetry that Frank O'Hara wrote. I think the only place there's been some attempt at putting this all together is in the back of his Collected Poems (ed. Donald Allen).

>Same thing for Whitman, in Walt Whitman: Poetry and Prose (ed. Justin Kaplan).

>So many of Elizabeth Bishop's letters. But damn if One Art (ed. Robert Giroux) isn't an impossibly huge thing to sift through.


Those first two for real (plus O'Hara's "Personism: A Manifesto") have had a bigger impact on the way I interact with language and art than anything else outside of Academic Philosophy[tm].

All this shit is also pretty un-practical, leaning more into "poetics" and "art-ness" than like "But how do I make a good thing though?" The Triggering Town is closest to a practical thing, which is why I put it first!

I'm always leaning towards books that say words to force an obscure change rather than the purely instructional. So that works.


Plus I never do things books tell me to do

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