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Slow Sleigh to
Plankton Downs

Water: three billion years old, frozen by the perpetual night at the edge of the Galaxy, compressed into glaciers of midnight blue. The sound of time calving into an ocean of premium flavour. Cut by hand, never by machine, never by clone. At night’s edge, taste the infinity. Only from Djajadiningrat.

— advertisement in Ice Tomorrow (trade magazine)


A journey to the glaciated world of Myung's Misstep lands the players in the middle of a whodunit aboard the ‘Nantucket Sleigh Ride’ as they attempt to uncover the truth behind the mysterious murders plaguing the ship. Will they reveal the culprit or suffer a cold, lonely demise on the face of the unforgiving ice?


  • 9 new backgrounds including colonial cyborgs, Martian nuns, alien tourists and macrame owls.

  • A pre-programmed 72 hour long murder mystery aboard the Nantucket Sleigh Ride à la Orient Express

  • A hard-sci-fi setting for your TROIKA! games.


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