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The Big Squirm

A well-to-do neighbourhood, each building dangling by chains from the Downgate Arches. The resident factions traded in Scarf-Worm futures—until the bubble inexplicably burst. That's where you come in.  

The Big Squirm is a hardboiled detective RPG adventure for TROIKA!, the science-fantasy RPG. Players take the role of private investigators working for one of several factions embroiled in the mystery of the missing Scarf-Worms. Players will search, steal, and trade for clues, exploring a wealthy neighbourhood in the city of Troika. What they uncover will have massive implications for your ongoing campaign, and provide a huge amount of gameable material to take your games even further. The clear goals and open-ended creativity of The Big Squirm is also the perfect way to introduce new players into the world of TROIKA!, and TROIKA! is a great introduction to the world of roleplaying.


  • 46 (!) watercolour illustrations by Andrew Walter

  • 23 locations, each soaked in corruption, intrigue, and dirty dealings.

  • 7 factions for the players to join, double-cross, and fall afoul of.

  • 6 rival detectives, each playing their own dangerous game.

  • 1 big case to crack!


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