Adventure Across the Humpbacked Sky

You are a wizard, a warrior, a macrame owl. Via star portal and golden barge you travel with your companions from sphere to sphere engaging in quixotic pursuits. Be it pruning a Floral God, attending the Feast of the Chiliarch, infiltrating the Palace of Tigers, or merely traversing the social mores of a new and wonderful culture.

TROIKA! invites you to step sidewards into a world where the British thread of role-playing didn't get cut in the 90s but instead carried on and resulted in the Other world's favourite role-playing game.

Rediscover wonder as we return to TROIKA!

"It feels decadent and almost febrile, the same way David Lynch's underrated adaptation of Dune does; I imagine the world of Troika! is hot and sweaty and everyone is struggling under some sort of summer cold."

Kelvin Green


What to expect

  • A complete role-playing game capable of handling anything from single sessions to decades long campaigns.

  • A science-fantasy universe in the spirit of works such as Dying Earth, Viriconium, and Book of the New Sun.

  • 36 unique player character backgrounds from Ardent Giant of Corda to Zoanthrope​.

  • No huge essays explaining the setting or lore! Everything you need to know is tucked away inside the items, spell, enemies and backgrounds.

  • The freedom to allow and positively encourage every group of players to interact with the setting differently; each game group will be unique.

  • An innovative initiative system which mimics the chaos of battle; you never know when or if your turn will come!

  • 70+ spells in a world where magic is commonplace. Even your barber will have a little pizzazz.

  • A completely open game licence for making your own books.

  • Simple yet robust rule system.

  • Only needs two six-sided dice!

  • Three core attributes govern everything: Skill, Stamina & Luck.

  • Lusciously illustrated throughout.

  • The physical book is built to our award winning standards and will outlive us all.

  • Handily hyperlinked PDF.

  • Vigorous third party community.

  • An introductory adventure in which the players just need to get to their hotel room alive.

  • 36 enemies each using our innovative Mien system, ensuring no encounter is predictable.

  • Transparent system, encouraging everyone to engage and make their own backgrounds, enemies, items and worlds!

"Imagine, if you will, that Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett have returned from the dead. They both pile into a Ford Cortina and take a long drive across the American Southwest, pondering the nature of the fantasy genre. Once they arrive in California, they legally acquire several ounces of the finest cannabis sativa and hotbox the Cortina. Then they write an RPG. This, roughly speaking, seems to be what produced Troika, a delightfully simple and delightfully absurd game."

Aaron Marks


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You can even read the free core rules right now!

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When I got it in hardcopy – book arrived this week – I read it cover to cover. One sitting. This rarely happens with books, for me, and never with RPG books.

I’m a little bit in love, maybe.

Zedeck Siew

"Troika’s entire ethos is one of game-enforced madness. "


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