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Adventure Across
the Humpbacked Sky!

TROIKA! is a science-fantasy role-playing game where you and your cosmopolitan group of fellow travellers explore the ends of the multiverse. You will fly on mystic barges, help dying gods, solve confounding crimes, plunder dead worlds, and meet strange & wonderful people. 

With just one book and a couple of six-sided dice you'll be able to provide years of adventure for you and your friends.

The Other World's Favourite RPG

TROIKA! is designed to be wonderous to play and simple to run. Its hundreds of character backgrounds allow anyone to dive right into the game with no prior knowledge of the setting, system or campaign and its many published adventures make it easy to get started. With a few easy steps you and your players will have a grasp on the weird of the world and it will grow from there into something entirely your own.


The core book for TROIKA! has everything you need to start and stay playing for a long time: 36 backgrounds ranging from pond priests to lobotomised aristocrats, 70+ unique spells, 36 enemies each using our innovative Mien system, and 1 tutorial adventure to get you and your players comfortable in this bright new world And if one book isn't enough there is an enormous amount of supporting material, both official and fan-made, readily available from all respectable RPG outlets.

If, after all that, you still want more the TROIKA! system is transparent and accessible enough that anyone can get right in and make new content for themselves and their players. Just let your good ideas flow.

No Barriers

"Troika’s entire ethos is one of game-enforced madness. "




"It feels decadent and almost febrile, the same way David Lynch's underrated adaptation of Dune does; I imagine the world of Troika! is hot and sweaty and everyone is struggling under some sort of summer cold."

Kelvin Green

Grounded Weird

The world of TROIKA! will be instantly familiar to anyone who has enjoyed classic New Wave fantasy and sci-fi works such as Dying Earth, ViriconiumJerry Cornelius, Fighting Fantasy and Book of the New Sun. But if you're not? Well there are no long essays explaining the setting or lore, everything you need to know and enjoy the world is tucked away inside the items, spell, enemies and backgrounds. Before you even realise it you'll be speaking weird fiction fluently.

"Probably the best table top rpg I have ever played. The writing in it is very esoteric and vivid, yet it leaves enough open for you to fill in the blanks yourself. I find what's so refreshing about Troika is how open it is. It is easy to just make up rules and work things out on the spot and run by the rule of cool. Other games like DND get so bogged down in the rules and restrictions for casting spells and creating characters but still utterly fails at making balance. But Troika really opens the doors and allows you and your players to create any world you want. "



"When I got it in hardcopy – book arrived this week – I read it cover to cover. One sitting. This rarely happens with books, for me, and never with RPG books.

I’m a little bit in love, maybe."

Zedeck Siew

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